Tuesday, July 01, 2008


My love of blue began when I lived in Germany, when I was 20 something. I fell in love with all the blue dishes and the blue and white linens. My home is full of blue plates - one just can't have too many blue plates - do you think? One of my favorite blue flowers -which is kinda hard to find is Blue Daze-thats what it is called around here anyway. Hoping your day is anything but Blue!!

Tomorrow its on to the RED,WHITE & BLUE - I can't wait.


Shannon said...

Hi! I love all your color posts!! Unfortanately there is only one Oops and it is in North West Arkansas. Happy 4th!

suesueb said...

happy fourth to you and yours! i found your blog thru kari and kijsa. i love your posts and your banner is really great. my dh and i both come from large families too and there is nothing to compare to all that family lovin'. have a wonderful, safe holiday.

Renna said...

I also love blue. Blue and white is my favorite combination, and if a little yellow is thrown in the mix, well that's okay, too. ;-)

Blue Daze is hard to find around here, too. I found some a few years ago and planted it in a planter box hanging from my wooden fence. I LOVED it! :-)

Oh, and I'm here via Kari & Kijsa's, too. :-)

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