Monday, July 21, 2008

Babies, Weddings oh Mamma Mia!

Cake tasting - a hard job but someones got to do it!
I think this is a winner!!!!!

The hostess with the mostest - thanks Char, Debra and Erin
Ericas Family Girls....

One tired little momma...... but look at all the cool stuff for the baby!

Showered by friends....

Petit fours or ?
Our last baby......
Parents and Grammy? I still have not decided what to be called.

Anna tie dyed onesies.....

We made a wish ...and you came true.
Grand Cousin advice? that is scary coming from these 4.
All the( Brown) girls-now Yargers, Stutevilles and Browns
This past weekend was like a mini vacation for this girl! On Friday my sis - Brenda and I headed off to Ft Worth to take care of some wedding things for Sarahs wedding in October. We spent 4 hours in Garden Ridge planning center pieces. We got soooo excited with what we came up with and got the go ahead from Bride Sarah later in the evening. We picked out cakes and even had a cake tasting. For Sarah 1 cake is not good enough she will have 5 or 6 kinds -VERY Delicious too!!! With Brenda being a Homemaking teacher and our late Mom the cake baker extraordinaire - it is only natural for having the best tasting cakes in Texas - couldn't be any other way! We tasted 7 different kinds and picked 4 flavors plus Joes cake. The guest are in for a treat tasting the cakes alone! What fun planning a wedding it is truly one of the happiest events in a couples life- the other - having a Baby!
Saturday was THE big BABY shower for mommy Erica. It was so fun seeing all the wonderful baby things friends and family gave to the wonderful parents to be. I do believe they are ready for baby ya-ya to come in 5 weeks. All the girls from both families were there and many friends. The food was wonderful and the visiting was a joy. One of the favorites was the petits fours or pedophiles - Heehee!! We have decided to change the name of 2nd cousins to the grand cousins- we think that sounds more important and with all the cousins this baby will have they are truly all GRAND!
If that was not enough for the old gals - the kids talked us into staying another night and going to the late showing of "MAMMA MIA" It was GREAT- GREAT! So off to Southlake we went for dinner at the Cheesecake factory and then to the movie. If you like old musicals you will love this movie. I wanted to sing and dance with them just as I did with Judy Garland, Fred Astaire or Debbie Reynolds. I came home and immediately bought the sound track.

On Sunday the girls wanted to go back to Garden Ridge - Hard to believe after all the years of begging not to go to a place like that!!! We ask them if they would rather go to the mall - heck no - off to look for things for their homes! I never would have believed that would ever happen!

The weekend was so much fun being with Josh and Erica and all the nieces and nephews. It was our mini vacation since we didn't get to go to Destin. After all what makes a vacation fun is the people you spend it with.....

The Dancing Queen...


annalee said...

aunt molly, grammy, or molly b-
so glad your weekend was filled to the brim with joy!

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

What a great weekend! And the new parents to-be certainly cashed in!

So good to see y'all! And we loved Mamma Mia too!

mary said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun and exciting things that are happening in your family. Your post made me feel like I was part of it!

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