Sunday, June 22, 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas....

Wyatt loading up on good food -finally.

Will and Colby -two of the cooks

Whew...what a weekend! Our family welcomed home Wyatt from Afghanistan this weekend. He got back to the states 2 weeks ago-but back to Big A this weekend. We ALL got together to welcome him back to Texas. It was a great weekend of visiting, watching videos and looking at pictures and of course Eating.

Each year my nephew Will and friends put on a real life-Cowboy cookoff. I have never seen so much grillin and meat in one place in my life! We had goat, brisket, venison and of course the roasted pig. These young men and a few older ones do know how to cook. It is just how I picture being on a wagon train and eating on the chuck wagon in the old West. The funny thing is none of these guys are cowboys in real life. They are lawyers, graduate students, Realtors and so forth. It is a fun escape for these guys and they have one thing in common-they love to grill. Its great eating, visiting and listening to good ole Texas music and Country living.


Mary said...

That looks like sooooo much fun!

Jo Carol said...

What a fun looking group. I know that was a special time for all of you!! Love the music you put with your post,too.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Oh, looks like ya'll had a great time!! Which is the most important thing in life.

winstonbot said...

ok miss kravitz wants to know what is going on in your driveway....when I pass your house everyday you cant hide stuff!!
thanks for my flowers....I knew the minute I saw them who they were from before I everr read your card....Hummmmm wonder how I knew...great minds Or maybe simple minds think alike!!!!
amy b

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