Monday, February 11, 2008

The Lord is my refuge...

Yesterday in Sunday School we discussed one of my favorite Bible verses. Psalms 46:1-2.God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore will not we fear. This verse probably means more to me than any other - it has been a constant promise to me in my life. My friends that know my story know my life has been one stressful happening after another. A few years ago I was reading a magazine and the headline read something like " You are at the brink of a meltdown if you have any of these things happening in your life" I am proud to say they went on to list about 10 things and I checked everyone of them! CV the teacher Sunday ask us something I had not thought about -He ask us if God would have told us 5-8 years ago what was going to happen in your life what would you say to him? Have you ever thought of that? I would have said "You have got to be kidding- I can not live through that and I don't want to! It is better we do not know what comes our way -we take it one day at a time or sometimes one moment at a time. The one thing I have learned about life is to have the attitude that no matter what happens I WILL GET THROUGH IT- Of course ONLY with God as my refuge. A few years ago on a really bad, sad morning my Mom ask me if I needed to talk about a certain situation that had happened in my family and I looked at her and without a doubt in my heart all I said was "Mom I just need to talk to God about this - he will be my refuge and help" I had such a faith in his promise and peace about it all. Recently I have discovered a song by Point of Grace that talks about the wounds of life and how God leaves the scars so you can see where you have been and how God has led you out of those times. The scars are a constant reminder of how merciful God is. I am very proud of the scars of life- would I have wanted a life without them? You know it - but I know without a doubt God will get me through whatever comes my way. I feel very Blessed that God gave me the opportunity to live this life that needs a constant refuge .


winstonbot said...

Ten years ago when we came home from Allen's transplant surgery there was a note taped to our front door.,it was a card from
Betsy Flamming with that exact verse, from her to me. That was what she held on to while Dave was so sick , that was her prayer for me. To seek refuge and strength through Him. I did, and it did and always will get me through

amy b

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