Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A week in the life of a Princess…..

Last week will be in my memory forever as one of the best weeks I have spent with my little princess – Callie. Her parents took Drew to Cars land and Disneyland to celebrate his 4th Birthday. They felt Callie was too young to hold up to the fun filled days they would have and so I got to have her all to myself for 4 whole days. WE had so much fun and I as told Josh and Erica she is such a sweet little girl – such a sweet spirit she has.And I will just say her parents have done an amazing job teaching her to always say thank you and Please- I was most impressed. Our days were full playing princess as she walked around the house saying “Princess Callie” with her little arms spread out wide. I wish I had a video to show you just how cute that was

download6  download7


Her Meme sent her a special package- princess shoes and oh did she love those! Her first little high heels! It took some getting use to walking in them, as it was for all of us girls.


We colored a lot and she went to the beauty shop with me to see Holly and she loved the pearls.


It makes a princess tired to rule her kingdom and she is the best thing about going to bed and taking naps – a great excuse for me to join in!  And finally she watched me monogram and loved playing with the notions in my sewing room. I dream of her loving to sew some day?! Boy could I give her some great sewing toys!


Thanks Josh and Erica for sharing your sweet sweet girl with Grammy. I miss her already! Don’t ya’ll need another trip?

Grammy -Molly B


yarger gal said...

Thank you for playing princess with lil' miss all week. I know she enjoyed the visit and special attention. Xoxo.

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