Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Molly the builder…

I have never had the need to BUILD anything in my life – up until now. I always had men around me that could and would build anything I dreamed up but – NO men around anymore and it is left up to me to Build stuff now. I have really gotten into it and am now wondering what I can build next? HEHE ! It all started with my little house and the things I fixed and the little shutters I built.DSC05904

I then decided I needed to get new boards and fix my picnic table. My dad built it originally from the Iron works Shop he worked at for 40 years. They made them for the State Parks in Texas so it has lasted very well – all but the boards. So off to Lowes I went to buy new boards and they even cut them to the length I needed them . I then drilled the holes and used new screws to put it all back together. I put a sealer on it this time to prolong the boards. I just love to sit at it and have my very own picnic. It looks shinny in this picture because I just watered my back yard-

DSC05905 Next Project was a Potting Bench – I had wanted one forever!!! So with the help of pictures on Pinterest I designed one and built it. Lowes was no help this time cutting my boards – but with the help of my own Jig saw and a hand saw -  I was able to do it all by myself – as Drew would say!


The thing that I have discovered is wood does not stretch like fabric and you better be right with your measurements – NO FUDGING! They are not perfect but you know what I am not either and they are just fine for ME!

Now off to decided what else I can build with a drill , jig saw and a brand new sharp hand saw!

Molly B the Builder – Watch out BOB!!!!


Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

I am SO impressed girl! There is a picture of something you
would love on my blog's post today...

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