Sunday, June 24, 2012

Worth waiting 50 years for…..

When I was a little girl I dreamed of owning  a playhouse. A couple of friends had them and I WANTED ONE. No amount of begging got me a little house! Well this year on my birthday my sister told me her neighbor wanted to get rid of their playhouse – All I had to do is come and get it! I was so excited I could hardly sleep dreaming of how I would fix it up for my grandchildren – Drew and Callie. A week later my friend who works for me and her husband moved it to my house – what a blessing to find them!



This is how it looked the day I started on it – I could not wait to make my dream come true!


I painted the outside and inside, and stuck down tile. And the little cute house emerged! I furnished the inside with a table and benches my Dad made for the boys when they were little and also added my doll bed from when I was a child. My friend Leslie is moving and she gave me a kitchen so it all just came together!


Yesterday was the Open House for friends and family – it was so fun watching their excited faces- worth the sweat, sore muscles and paint in the hair!

Drew and Callie loved it and played, touched and looked at everything. Callie kept telling us it was time for dinner – she was a busy bee cooking and cleaning her little house.

I can not tell you happy it made my heart to see the two of them have such fun in their special place. We will make lots of fun memories in the Yarger Kids house.



And I learned you are never to old  for childhood dreams to come true! Got to go play in the little house now!

Molly B


klp said...

SO CUTE!!! that is so much fun. they are too cute in all the pics enjoying it.

Mary Kay said...

Priceless!!! What a wonderful grandmother you are! Love the colors you painted it and I know it will be filled with love and many happy memories!

Katie said...

How cute!!! Drew, Callie & #3 will have lots of fun and happy memories there :)

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