Sunday, April 01, 2012

Easter comes…..

I have always loved Easter – almost as much as Christmas. I believe in Easter and the reason we celebrate it – I am living proof that Jesus died on the cross because he loved me – ME. I love the fact that Easter reminds us of our new life in Christ. My Lord brought new life to me-


This Easter God has given me such a literal picture of  new life. On Friday – Good Friday – I become the owner of the Bernina Sewing Center – it will be a good Friday ! And just like the Easter story of a new beginning it will be my new beginning. I did not know the dates of Easter this year when I scheduled the take over day with Bernina – but I believe God knew – he knew I liked signs – I like to be reminded that he watches over my every move! One morning last week I woke up at 3:00 – Did you know God always wakes me up at that hour? I guess cause nothing else has my attention. I started thinking about the new store and the old stores and all of a sudden – I remembered something pretty amazing! 30 years ago this month I opened Country  Pleasures Quilt Shop! How could that possibly be planned? I had not even thought of that! God sure likes to give me UH Huh moments! I wondered what all that was in the middle of my life but I guess it was the journey to this time of new beginnings. I am so overwhelmed at Gods love for me and the life he is building for me here on earth. This will definitely be a Easter season I remember all my life. This week God will be by my side scattering stars of hope, new life and new beginnings all around me and for that I serve a- RISEN SAVIOR!97531148150359622_aUwXbBxI_b

Catching Stars

Molly B


bunnytrails said...

What a beautiful post,Molly! So happy about your new path and business venture. May God's richest blessings cover you during this time!!

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