Thursday, February 02, 2012

When “Just Cause” is not good enough….

This past week I got to  help out with Drew/Callie while Erica had to be out of town on Business. Picking them up from Day Care is such a joyous time for me. It doesn’t matter what kind of day I have had – when I open the door to their classroom and they see me standing there and come running across the room into my arms yelling “Grammy-Grammy “ I melt into their arms as much as they melt into mine. They greet me like I have been  gone to war and haven’t seen them for years- I just saw them yesterday but to them – I have arrived ! No feeling on EARTH is that wonderful – pure sweet love.

On our way home every afternoon Drew and I talk -  non stop. We look for cows, horses, mountains,cars, buses and anything interesting along the way. One afternoon he was full of questions – like any 3 year old. His favorite words are – why,what is it, how’s that work,where is it going. This particular day we were coming to my house so we went through town and he had many more questions. I found myself not being able to answer all of his WHY questions and so I would just say ”Just Cause”. Well he sat in silence a little while and then said to me “ Grammy I don’t know what Just cause means” with a frustrated little voice he said “ what does it mean?” Oh me I have a smart one on my hands….

I decided that day that “Just Cause” is not good enough answer to a 3 year old or really any age. How many times have I heard the still small voice of God saying to me when I ask WHY – just cause my child – Just Cause. The answer will come – wait. Sometimes answers are not easy even to a 3 year old. I can not tell you what Drew is teaching me about living and loving- out of the mouths of babes!

I decided that day I had to give Drew answers to his questions – no matter if I didn’t’ know the whole answer – I must take the time to explain it to him – how it works, where its going, why.

Just cause he deserves the answers-

Molly B


ThePoeFam said...

Gave me chills! So true!!! And, such a hard lesson to learn!! Waiting is not fun!...Thanks for sharing.

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