Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A look to the future….

This past weekend I attended the wedding of my daughter in laws – sister Erin in Dallas. What a beautiful occasion it was                      Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Kraxberger


I didn’t know any one at the wedding but the main characters(family) and that was A-OK by me because I had the job of hanging with my grandchildren . Drew and Callie were in the wedding and we had talked,practiced,talked- ok BRIBED them to PLEASE walk down the isle and make Aunt Erin happy – and mom and dad too!

It fell upon Josh and I to get the two of them dressed and ready for the big party! I wouldn’t have missed that for the world. Callie got right in her little dress – she is such a little girly girl already! She just beamed in it like she knew exactly how darling she was!



As I watched Josh help her get ready I thought of how many times he will watch her get ready for a big night. Dances, Dates and even someday her own wedding. I got a little teary eyed just thinking about it! She walked through the lobby of the two hotels going up to complete strangers showing them her dress – WE just cracked up and all the people just loved her!

Drew took a little more convincing how cool it was to put on a tux and go to a party – that was not a birthday?! Erica decided that if we added some “Cars” to the tux it just might help him down the isle. I sewed cars fabric on the back and he wore cars socks,underwear and even shoes that lite up when he walked – I’m telling you by the end of the night all the grown guys were wishing they had the cool tux!DSC06158-copy_thumb2


We practiced dancing -DSC05232

DSC05219had many talks about the wedding and finally – they did it!




I will never forget the look on  Drew’s face  when he walked down the isle and got to where Josh and I were sitting and hugged me and said in a very quite voice –“Grammy – I did it” both of them walked down the isle like old pros and even smiled! Oh the relief we all felt! What did Grammy have for them at the end of the walk you might ask? M&M’s off course and yogurt raisins! I told you we BRIBED them!

WE were ready to stop partying by 10:00 – late for two little ones and a very tired Grammy from chasing after them all day. Callie past out on her moms shoulder during one last dance. DSC05250



The sweetest part of any day is when you put a child in bed at night and talk about the day you just spent. Drew still was excited about the wedding and all the he did and saw. We reviewed every detail before he talked himself to sleep-

What a wonderful weekend we had watching two beautiful people start their lives together. Congrats Erin and Matt!!

For more wonderful pictures go over to Erica's Blog and check out all the photos she took – I am telling you she is one good photographer!!

Just love these two-DSC06331-copy_thumb


yarger gal said...

such sweet words and precious pictures. we couldn't have made it without you. thanks a million!! xo.

Days with D said...

Molly YOU are such an angel. Those babies love you so much and so do I. You are the best "Grammy" ever.

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