Friday, December 30, 2011

Packages tied up with string….

My greatest gifts this Christmas were not tied with string but with LOVE.  My greatest gifts were the family members I spent it with. They – all 22 of them bless my life everyday.

I start Christmas day making my Santa stops to Ben and Josh’s Homes to see what Santa brings the children. Such a special and fun time to see the joy on the children and parents faces – I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.

This year did not disappoint -

One thing that was on Erica and the kids list was a art Bucket filled with art supplies for them to create wonderful masterpieces with. I had so much fun putting this together for them. I can’t wait to share some fun times with Drew and Callie making all sorts of things.

Christmas Night is the time to spend with the Brown family – all 22 of us. This year it was at my home and oh did I love every minute of it.

To think the Brown family started with (5)Mom/Dad, Danny, Brenda and Myself and expanded to 22 and counting! The second generation has 8 cousins


And now look what has happened – WOW!


I couldn’t help but think about my Mom and Dad on Christmas Day as I thought about my family coming to celebrate . How very proud they would be of their 8 Grandchildren and how they would have enjoyed loving on these three- the third generation cousins !

DSC05193I tried to share with my family( the lump in my throat got in the  way) that night how very blessed we are to have the greatest gifts  – our precious family. What a legacy of love my parents left us

           All because two people fell in Love

What a fun night we had catching up with each other and talking non stop.

Until the next time Christmas comes around I will cherish the moments shared with family and friends this Christmas Season…..

Happy New Year!

Molly B


klp said...

i enjoyed the pics - a very special family, indeed.

happy new year, molly!!

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