Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday Night Lights….

Well the Brown crew was out in force Friday night to watch – are you ready – our favorite Referee at the big cross town football game against our dear ole Abilene High and the Cooper Cougars.

First we needed to feed the crew at our favorite burger place and introduce Jet to the best home made ice cream – he rather liked the pumpkin flavor!October 2011 042October 2011 044

October 2011 043

Then off to find our row at Shotwell Stadium – to cheer on my brother Danny. He has been a ref for many years but this was the game that brought him back from retirement – the BIG game. He thought about hanging up his stripes this year but when the head coach's called and ask him to do it – he was beyond thrilled! My brother did not grow up playing sports – at all! He was the National Chicken Judger his senior year at Abilene High and has a degree from A&M in Animal Science . Danny has always loved to watch sports and really has enjoyed his time as ref. He loves the lights on Friday nights at the little schools around. He loves to watch the Boys and how hard they work on the field. He loves the team work of the teams. He was the head ref so he wears the white hat – very fitting for my big brother.

October 2011 045

October 2011 054October 2011 052

It was Drew's first BIG crosstown game and he was all eyes taking it all in – from the tubas in the bands to the players and Mr. Football.

October 2011 053October 2011 048

October 2011 056

Callie loved the band and the drums best and loved the beat! clapping and making sure we ALL clapped – I think we have a cheerleader in the making. I made Erica take a vow right there and then to please don’t let out little Drew grow up to play football. Hehe I don’t think I could stand him getting hit like that! This would be a nervous Grammy!

October 2011 055October 2011 050

The Brown fans…..

You ask who won?

Abilene High won this one –Big time.

October 2011 058

The final score was 62 – 6 WOW

What a fun night and we were really proud of our favorite Ref!!!


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