Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drews Three-rific Day

Drew is one lucky little boy and I think he has figured that out already! His Mom & Dad plan the best Birthday parties! We decided we all like the parties as much as the Children and Drews 3rd lived up to the other 2 for sure. Cars was the theme for his party, he loves anything that has wheels on it and LOVES the car movies. He took it all in with such wonder and amazement it melted my heart to see how excited he was with every detail. Drew is a detail little boy and will look and study something forever!

Sept 2011 030

There were Cars everywhere – Balloons, Cake, Cookies

   Sept 2011 033Sept 2011 031

Sept 2011 029

Even Callie had a cars pillowcase dress – made by me of course – her first dress I made! How fun was that ? A LOT

Sept 2011 062

Drew this year really got into opening his presents and seeing what was in each one. The sweetest thing he did was ask his Dad with each present who gave it to him and then would “Thank” them – melt my heart! See a “detail” kind of guy.

Sept 2011 054

Sept 2011 058

Sept 2011 042There was a piƱata and it was a tough one! It took all the men- Big and little to bust this one open – but boy when they did what fun finding the treasures!

Sept 2011 044

Sept 2011 046

My Boys

Sept 2011 053

Lets make a wish!

Sept 2011 069

Sept 2011 072He loved the cookies – especially the M&M wheels! One Car and one Tire-

Sept 2011 074Sept 2011 075

and wore some icing on his face for awhile…..

Then on to the Feature presentation – a outdoor showing of “Cars” on a big screen outside. And we even had a concession stand of snacks.

Sept 2011 036Sept 2011 078

It is hard for me to believe how one little guy could bring such joy to my life….

I thank God daily for my this precious family God has given me. Thanks Josh and Erica for taking such good care of my Grandson.

Sept 2011 065

    And once again “Happy Birthday Drew”

Grammy Molly B


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