Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Mountain is waiting….


There are two places on this earth that bring me peace. The Ocean and the Mountains- to see Gods handiwork in his creation is just a very peaceful thing to me. And guess what? I have some Mountains waiting for me to come visit again. I have not been to the Mountains in about 11 years- . And I am going this week. I saw this on pinterest and it spoke volumes to me and made me think of the SMELL of the Mountains – can’t you just smell it?

114562892_TQTjZDe0_c It’s the Pinion wood burning in the fireplaces  that make that wonderful smell that takes me back to times of great memories. I grew up going to Glorietta every summer of my childhood- it was our family vacation destination . I continued the tradition with my sons and we all have some great memories there. When I told them I was going they both let out this long sigh and both said “Oh how I love that place- we have to go again soon” It is time for them to start the tradition of taking there children to the mountains and Glorietta. Santa Fe is right next to Glorietta and such a fun place to visit – so different from where I live.

So off I go to climb a mountain, smell the smell, walk the streets of Santa Fe, eat amazing Mexican food, enjoy seeing the Indian Market, the Farmers Market – but most of all

   Enjoy Gods Beautiful Mountains……

                I’ll tell them hello for you-

                                      Molly B   


Liz said...

You are a lucky person. I worked at Glorieta Conference Center 30 years ago and was blessed to be able to work year round. In fact my son was born while we lived there.
Enjoy your visit. . .and the coolness!

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