Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inspired by the Younguns…..

With in the last hour I have witnessed Young people doing things that are totally inspirational and just makes me proud!

The first encounter was at the store- I noticed 2 darling young Cowboys looking for fabric and laughing and just having fun. When they got up to the cutting table I was passing them and his t-shirt caught my eye.

“Cowboys don’t have tattoos – they have scars with real stories”

I commented on his shirt and ask if they were here for the State High School Rodeo and they said they were but were hired to come. Being the noisy person I am ,I ask what they did in the rodeo and they told me they were the Bull Fighters. In my mind I was thinking – Like the rodeo clowns- and sure enough – that is exactly what they were. One was from Oklahoma and the other from Washington State. What impressed me was how polite and nice they were. Full of life and excited to be doing what they were doing and glad to be in good ole Abilene. They were friendly and took the time to visit with me and seemed to enjoy the attention. I always did love Cowboys!

The second encounter was when I made my daily stop at Sonic.   I saw this darling young women – 20 something- walk over to a homeless women in a wheel chair parked by the dumpster,she squatted down beside her,  took her hand and Prayed with her. She also ordered her a drink and something to eat. That youngun fed her spiritually and physically  on this Hot day.

As I made my way home today I prayed for these 3 younguns who know how to live and love in our world. I thanked God for letting me cross paths with them today – what a blessing it was for me !



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