Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ranger Madness…

I have been a baseball fan a long time. More in my earlier years than in the last several. When the boys were young and playing baseball we LIVED on the baseball field. They both played for  about 8 or so years and so every night one of them had a game. If I wasn’t watching them play I was running a concession stand or being a commissioner for a farm league. What fun days those were.Being a Ranger fan goes way back too. I will admit over the course of say 35 years I had given up of them EVER going to a World Series. Growing up my dad told of the Steel they were trucking over to the New Rangers Stadium – Now the old torn down one.He loved going to the games and seeing the beams of steel provided by Central Texas Iron Works. He never got to see the new stadium or the old being torn down. He watched every Ranger game that was broadcast and could not wait when the boys were old enough to take them to a Ranger game. One that really stands out in my mind is the night all the guys went to a Ranger game when they were giving out Bats. They said the noise of all those bats hitting the METAL bleachers were soooooo loud. They all laughed that they would never do that again.  After my Dad passed away my Mom picked up the joy of watching the Rangers – I think it made her think of dad and loved the connection of watching them. She would not miss a game-even when she lived with me –I would find them for her on TV so she could watch. I could not stop thinking about the two of them this past Friday night when they won the series to go to the World Series for the first time EVER. I just hope they were sitting in the bleachers of Heaven together with smiles on their faces.

I think why I took a long break watching them was all the memories it brought back to me – loved ones not around me any more. Just the sound of a game on TV was too hard for me to bear, but over the last several weeks  I have welcomed them back with open arms and have loved the memories and fun that came flooding back.

Now we have the 4th generation Ranger fans and they did not have to be fans long to see them win BIG.

DSC03770_thumbANGER B-Ball as Drew says- I’ve been told he is already practicing to be a pitcher just from watching so many games. I can not wait to sit on some more bleachers and be a baseball fan again for Drew or Callie some day. But for now I will enjoy the ride of watching the first EVER



klp said...

BIG tears in my eyes. great post!! i love the mental image of the two of them cheering from the bleachers in heaven. so right on!

molly said...

Do you remember BAt night? You and your DAd and all our guys went - Dad and Larry laughed about that for years!!great memories! I was so glad ya'll were there!

Sarah Beth said...

I remember when they went to bat night! Said they would never do it again! This preggo is too emotional to be reading true! Joe's like, what are you reading and crying about?

Yarger gal said...

so im not pregnant and still crying! great post, those sure are some cute ranger fans ;)

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