Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In them old Cotton fields back home….

 HCAC postcard complete

I have been up to my knees with Cotton lately- High Cotton Art Camp to be exact! I am having such fun working on this with 2 of the greatest friends. One day we were meeting and all of a sudden Roxanne and I broke out in song  - One that I thought NO ONE but my family knew. My dad would sing this  to us allllll the way to Texarkana when we would go to visit family. Turn up your speakers and get in the mood for some Cotton pickin great Days. I am soooo excited about this wonderful opportunity for friends and new friends to discover the creativity that God has given us all. 2 days of creating and meeting wonderful new friends and discovering- Good West Texas Fun! Registration opens on August 21! I can’t wait…. But for now I will just sing along …


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a really fun time!

bunnytrails said...

I'm so there!! Even know the song,too!! Hey, look at my pics from one of your favorite places!!

Roxanne said...

Yippie skippy! I can hardly wait to get to my lap top, so I
can here it!!! Can't wait til tomorrow!!! Thanks for
all your he'd work Molly! Is ther any ting I can do?

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