Saturday, July 03, 2010

In the meantime…

Days really drag when you are waiting to meet someone very special. I have all my “have to’s” done -

    • Sewing done for Callie – 21 burp cloths,6 flannel blankets,Name pillow for her room
    • 8 Casseroles in the freezer to take to the little family to help with their meals
    • Pedicure- can’t have ugly toes to meet the little miss!
    • Every report turned in at work for the month end.
    • Camera battery charged
    • bags packed
    • house cleaned
    • Car ready to take me there

Most important I have prayed for this little one since Christmas day when Drew told me- by his Big Brother shirt- that I was going to be a Grammy again! I always wanted a daughter and God in his perfect timing is blessing me with a granddaughter- Callie Jane! I can’t wait to have tea parties, play dolls and go to dance recitals –but you know what ever she decides to do on any given day it will just be wonderful watching her grow. The greatest joy is the fact she is blessed with wonderful parents. I think what has been the greatest thing to watch is Josh –my son- be a Dad. He and Erica are amazing parents and I am soooo glad my grandchildren have them as parents.

prego2 This little family will soon be a family of 4 but in the meantime – I have got to find some more projects to keep me busy till

               July 9!!!


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