Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An Altered Day….

Monday was an altered day in that I did not work and got to spend the day with a few of my heroes. I have always said my favorite teacher in High School was my art Teacher – Katy Presswood- she opened my world to a life of  creative living. She was the kind of teacher that let me try anything I wanted to try my hand at. We threw pots, cast jewelry,did silk screening and painted-she taught me to think outside the box.I owe her a big Thank you for making my life so full- living a creative life!

Monday I taught 22 Art teachers to  Make “Altered Books” at the Grace Museum. What a fun and creative group that was! I say taught very loosely because- believe me they went far and above what I taught them! I learned so many wonderful little techniques from them and had such fun sharing ideas as they worked on their books. I just had to share some of them with you.

The altered book I am working on is all about my garden and the things I love in it.

Another book I am working on tells the story of the women in my family going back 4 generations. This book is made mostly of fabric and uses a Childs cardboard book as the base.I transferred the pictures on muslin by running them through my computer.

Every thing in my life has been a little altered – added to –taken away – torn- made beautiful- I love making these little books and doing the same thing with them.

          All in all it was a wonderful altered day!


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