Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zoo-pendous Time…..

Spring break… and I got to get away for a couple of days to spend with my favorite little guy at the Ft. Worth Zoo. Oh the fun we had and the animals we saw.Drew loved every animal and every little child that walked past him. He even roars like the lions-too cute!

DSC02942 his little finger was very busy pointing at every thing he saw…

DSC02946 Hey Grammy what is that? they sure have long legs!!

DSC02967 This goat likes to chew on everything just like me….

DSC02961 Mr. Kangaroo we sure had fun talking with the animals today.

        Hope you had a zoo-pendous Spring Break!


GardenofDaisies said...

Don't you love seeing the world through a child's eyes?

Sarah Beth said...

oh soooo cute! I guess if you had to miss out on Alabama, he was way worth it!

Roxanne said...

Molly! How precious! My children have dozens of zoo memories with their Mimi! It's a great tradition they never tire of. So glad you shared the cute pics!

mary said...

How does it feel to be the Grandmommy of one of the cutest babies ever? He's a doll and I know seeing all these things with him makes the world look even better. Precious!

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