Monday, October 19, 2009

Lets take a walk……

Early Saturday morning about 15 of us got up really early and headed down to North Park in Dallas to take a walk, not just any walk but a walk to support the Cure for Breast Cancer, Like many,many families it has touched us. My mom was a 40 year survivor, And my sweet sister in law –Roseann is a 3 year survivor. Our young friend Jenna got Breast cancer at the young age of 21! What a brave girl she has been and now a 3 year survivor! So you see we walked to celebrate the survivors and I do believe with each step said a prayer to spare the rest of us and all we love! I can not tell you how many people were there to walk. 30 thousand people walking down a street is a LOT of folks. It was fun to see all the groups dressed up in PINK of course and having a great time together on a wonderful fall day.

My nieces started Megan(who is getting married in Dec) Bachelorette party  with the walk and then to brunch all together. It was a great day and one I will never forget.

Have you had your Mammogram this month – it is Breast Cancer awareness month? I have and got a good report in the mail today! Relief- relief! because of our family history Brenda and I have had one every year since we turned 40. So far so good!

On another note let me also encourage the men in your life to check themselves regularly. My son Josh at the age of 28 discovered he had Testicular Cancer. They removed it and it was contained and he is cancer free today. At the time we were a little worried about children but miracles of miracles our prayers were answered because Josh was young and healthy in every other way. Our little Drew was born exactly 2 years later.

I pray that I live to see the day that the news of the day is that the Cure for Cancer has been found. I have known  many that have won the battle but also many that went to Jesus when their battle was over.I pray and walked for that day……A Cure….

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