Saturday, July 25, 2009

Readers are Leaders….


DSC02034 Do you love to read like I do?? Summer is especially a fun time to read – on vacations at the beach or on your porch in the evening. I have enjoyed these books so far this summer…

I highly recommend Debbie Macomber books- they are about a street named Blossom Street and the women who live and work there. There is a Quilt shop, yarn shop, bakery,bookstore and garden shop. Every thing you could possibly need on your street.

Reading is such a fun way to take a trip in your mind and pretend you live in some of the places you read about. I can totally see myself on Blossom street maybe with a little quilt shop named “Country Pleasures” oh well that was another story…

These books below were good stories of Christian women and there lives. Not always so good -but God was faithful in all things and ended happily ever after – just like a story should and life too.




“Comfort food” was about a TV chief and her daughters – I read this on the beach and really enjoyed it.

Another favorite Texas author is Lisa Wingate- Sweet stories and all take place in good ole Texas! The latest was really thought provoking “Summer Kitchen” kind of made me want to look around the world I live in and see what God could do through me.

Grab a book this summer and let it take you far away from the day to day life we all lead…. its a lot cheaper than going to all those places.

Oh and by the way “Readers are Leaders” or I’ve been told….

Off the next few days to READ to my little grandson Drew!! Oh the stories we will read….


Chatkathy said...

Once again, I enjoyed looking over your cosy web page:) I do enjoy reading , in the summer especially, but also at night before bedtime. I would love to come by for a visit in person. Please email me at:
Kathy (Kimbrough) Strong

mary said...

I couldn't agree more! I love to read and will check out the books you recommend. (I just bought some hardbacks @ United for 2.50 each. If they turn out to be good, I'll pass them to you.)

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