Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shop at HOME.....

I have always loved small businesses and locally owned business. I myself owned my own business a quilt shop named"Country Pleasures" for 19 wonderful years. I always appreciated my customers who faithfully shopped in my store every month. They kept the doors opened many ,many years and I am so grateful they gave me the opportunity to serve them for so long.
Lately I have been reading alot about the 3/50 project and I am so excited about this and WHOLE heartily agree with the concept behind the movement!

Basically the 3/50 Project says this:

1. Pick 3 independently owned businesses you would miss if they disappeared. Stop in. Say hello. Pick up something that makes you smile. Your purchases are what keeps those businesses around.
2. If half of the employed population spent $50 each month in these stores it would create over $42 billion in revenue.
3. For every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures. If you spend this money online, nothing comes home.

What do you think?? I know I can make myself spend $$$$ in each of my 3 favorite stores each month- HEHEHE!! But think about it - If we all do our part WE can keep our favorite places to shop and hang out OPEN!!! How sad it would be if any of my favorite stores closed!!! Where would I go buy darling prizes for my little cottage?! Or just a little pick me up to make a bad day brighter!? Or just the perfect little gift for a friend?!

OK I will get off my soap box now - but please think about it the next time you buy something on line or go to shopping in a out of town location. Lets all Shop Big A!!!!!


annalee said...

1) i loved visiting country pleasures in both buildings with my mom and eventually sarah beth. it was a day of honor when sb let me sign my name next to the other grand kids on the back of the wood piece that held the cash register.
2) i hadn't heard of this project but it sounds very important. thanks for sharing.

Chatkathy said...

I found you....again! through MG's blog site. You both inspire me so much. I love your blog page! Makes me want to plop right down in that happy red chair! Much grace to you, Molly dear! Kathy (k) Strong

mary said...

I whole-heartedly agree and make a practice of shopping local! I'm glad someone has "organized" us.

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