Saturday, December 13, 2008

Waving for a King....

Tonight I was driving down South 14th , one of the busiest streets in Abilene and something caught my eye- a group of shepherds, Wise Men and Angels waving at me. No it was not a late Halloween party but a Church performing a Live Nativity . It made me laugh seeing the Shepard, Wise Men and Angels waving at me - I had never seen a Nativity animated at all! Think about it - they are all very still and reverent. When I was in High School I was in a live nativity on Christmas Eve at my church, what I remember about it most- it was freezing( started snowing) and we COULD NOT MOVE! As I drove on down the street I started thinking how silly it is to think a Nativity has to be just one way - perfectly still. Last September when my Grandson was born we were definitely not still when we got the news of his birth, We jumped up and down, clapped and danced. All of a sudden I realized the Shepherds, Wise men and Angels I am sure did the same thing. They were welcoming a KING. What a joyous celebration that had to be.

From now on I will always welcome seeing a Live Nativity - animated - waving and dancing and rejoicing for the Saviour of the world was born for Me.


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

What a beautiful post! We have our first grandbaby, what a wonderful world it is!

Always love to stop by your page!


klp said...

wonderful post - and a great one to get us all into the holiday spirit!

merry christmas, molly!!

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