Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The lady who unleashed my creative spirit....

A couple of weekends ago Brenda(my sis)Kaye(my friend) and me went to Dallas to shop and have a good girls day out. We met up with my very good friend LaVon. I have know her since I was 15 years old(that's a really long time-HEHE)LaVon and Larry were my youth directors at First Baptist and my family just adopted them for the rest of our lives. The two of them are really like my brother and sister. I love them both dearly and would not be the person I am today with out their influence on my life. Lavon is one of the women in my life that I think of as my Creative, decorating Mentor - she taught me everything I know. I continue to learn from her and am still amazed at the darling things she comes up with.

She has a booth at a great place in Arlington called Brownstone. We got to visit and shop and OH did we have fun!!! If you are ever in the neighborhood you must stop by!
Thanks Lavon for helping become the creative women I am today - you gave me a wonderful gift!


klp said...

i thought i recognized all of that decor! such a sweet post - love that you guys have such a special friendship. you are all very special to the links (and us link-pritchards, too!!)!

klp said...

mom read it and wanted to make a comment, too:

well, Molly, I have never felt so honored....a blog about little old me ( ok big old me) it and feel too like you and Brenda are the sisters I never had.....thanks you for honoring me in such a special are loved
- LaVon

bunnytrails said...

Molly, Where is her booth in Ft. Worth? I may be going soon and would like to stop by and see it. I have't been blogging lately, but "I'll be back". We are remodelling our kitchen and things are pretty crazy. Somehow it affects my blogging!!?!?!

terri said...

Looks like you had fun in Big D. Now I have another place to hang out when I visit. Little Drew has the same hair as our Little Ayla I believe they have the same stylist!

LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

What a sweet post, and what great pics! I have a couple of friends that have booths at Brownstone - I've been meaning to visit one day soon. Thanks for the sneak peak...I'll have to check out Lavon's booth while I'm there!


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