Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Wyatt...Man among Men

My youngest nephew has always had a nickname of baby Wyatt -given to him by my brother Danny. It is a name of affection and love. The last 3 years have made Wyatt more of a man than many I know. He joined the Army when he was 19 years old and has been to Iraq for 9 months and Afghanistan for the last 12 months. He has been hit by IEDS several times and was hit yesterday by one. He called his Family early this morning to tell them he was in a hospital with a concussion and broken leg. No one else was hurt in the attack-thank goodness. The word later in the day was that he would be air lifted to Germany and then to the states in the next few days. Our hearts are full of worry, praise for his life and constant prayer for his healing.
Wyatt has always been the jokester among the cousins and the one to make us all laugh. We are anxious to get him home so we can make him laugh again and nurture him back to health. Pray for his recovery friends - and for his Mom and Dad for the peace of God that comes to his children.


annalee said...

praying for wyatt the great and asking God's comfort to him and all of you!

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